Using our state of the art compressor, gas blending, and fill panel system, zen dive co. offers quick and easy fills for all your scuba diving needs. We bank air and a full range of GUE standard gases including 32% nitrox, oxygen decompression gases, normoxic and hypoxic trimixes, as well as argon. If you need a custom blend in your cylinders, we can take care of that as well.

Prices as of 5/1/22

  • Air – $0.11 / cu.ft
  • 32% Nitrox – $0.14 / cu.ft
  • 50% Oxygen – $0.40 / cu.ft
  • 21/35 Trimix – $1.03 / cu.ft
  • 18/45 Trimix – $1.28 / cu.ft
  • 15/55 Trimix – $1.54 / cu.ft
  • 12/65 Trimix – $1.74 / cu.ft
  • 100% Oxygen – $1.32 / cu.ft
  • Argon – $2.25 / cu.ft
  • Helium – $2.65 / cu.ft
  • Paintball – $10/month subscription fill card for unlimited air fills (no CO2 available) up to 4500psi on two personal cylinders  OR $5/ cylinder for a la carte fills.

*Custom Nitrox blends >32% O2 incur a $5 per cylinder blending fee

*Custom Trimix blends incur a $15 per cylinder blending fee

Fill Station Information

Gone are the days of paying for a full fill just to top your tank off – zen dive co. charges for all our gases by the cubic foot. We will measure the starting and ending pressure of your tank and just bill you for what we’ve filled!

All of our gases are oxygen clean, but your cylinder does not need to be oxygen clean for gases containing less than 40% oxygen. Please be sure that your cylinder is current with both visual inspection and hydrostatic testing or we may not be able to get you a fill right away. Although we bank all our gases and have them ready to go, we kindly ask that you allow our fill station operator at least 30 minutes from start to finish to make sure your tank is filled safely and to the correct ending pressure. We also welcome you to drop your tank off and pick it up at a later time!