Drysuits and Accessories

Drysuits are one of our specialties at Zen Dive Co. We’ve outfitted so many of our customers with appropriate, well fitting drysuits, we’ve lost count! Every drysuit sale here is a personal experience – we believe in buying right and buying once. We’ll fully measure you as if we were going to build you a custom cut suit, free of charge! Then we’ll discuss your budget, diving needs now and in the future, and suggest the best available drysuit for you. If your measurements fit a stock size we can save you some money, or if needed recommend a custom cut suit depending on your financial limits. In addition, we are closely affiliated with Malibu Scuba Repair, the only authorized repair center for DUI drysuits in Southern California. So you can trust us when we say we know drysuits!

Drysuits are expensive but dramatically increase your diving pleasure especially here in Southern California. Come on in for the full Zen drysuit experience. Please note that because it is our policy to measure everything for the best service, we do not sell drysuits online and provide information for reference here only.