Atomic Aquatics M1



“The premium choice for all tech divers. The wider exhaust is a small but noticeable improvement over other regulators.”



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Atomic Aquatics has been developing high-quality regulators since its inception. The beauty and simplicity of their product lines are in their construction. From their most expensive, top-of-the-line regulator to their most affordable, their first & second stages have very similar engineering allowing for top-tier performance across the line.

The M1 is the no-frills tough regulator for the harshest conditions. This regulator calls to the technical diver. From caves and wrecks to ice and deep, this regulator can handle whatever environment you take it to. The 1st stage is environmentally sealed to ensure performance in cold, high silt, or hazmat environments. The 2nd stage has eliminated the comfort swivel to avoid the use of additional parts that could be a point of failure. A wider 2nd stage exhaust ensures your exhalation clears away from your face and an optional cave ring upgrade allows the diver to disassemble their second stage in the field or underwater to clear debris. Look no further than the M1 for your technical diving needs.

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 10.4 × 3.4 × 7.5 in

Yoke, DIN, Second Stage Only

Atomic Aquatics M1

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