DUI FLX Extreme Drysuit


“Honestly, the best drysuit on the market. I’ve had mine for over 10 years now and it’s still going strong. With an expert fitting here at Zen you’ll get years of great durability, full range of motion, and amazing looks!”


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Diving Unlimited International’s best-selling drysuit, the FLX Extreme, is perfect for advanced technical divers and the most popular option for exploration divers. They set out on a mission to develop the most comfortable and flexible drysuit to provide maximum protection for technically demanding conditions. In that mission, they discovered the perfect combination of materials and craftsmanship. Using trilaminate fabric made of a Polyester inner and outer layer with the butyl-rubber interior slightly thicker than the TLS350 – adding additional puncture resistance. With Cordura® overlays on the legs for increased durability while remaining soft to the touch just like your favorite pair of jeans.

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Black, Aqua, Coral

DUI FLX Extreme Drysuit